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i think its cool that theyre both black

My history professor told me there are 300 shades of African skin, I believe him. 


A fucking pic that doesn’t fetishize albinos!!!! I never thought I’d live to see the day tbh.

holy shit that is an amazing visual

Omg what I thought those people were painted

Holy cow is that their real skin human diversity is amazing

This is gorgeous.

From Samuel Slider :

“It’s pretty incredible to think of how diverse humans are, but perhaps one of the ways we’re most diverse is skin color. A picture of Papis Loveday and Shaun Ross, shows that better than most. Shaun Ross is an albino model, who also happens to be African. He has, perhaps, the whitest skin of any human being. Meanwhile, Papis Loveday has what looks to be the darkest skin of any human being. Quite impressive to look at” has a bunch of photos of their photoshoot!!!

I love this.

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